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Alteration costs can vary from place to place. Frequently we hear that the alterations are more expensive than the dress and we understand that too! This will be the most important dress that you will ever wear, make sure that it fits you perfectly! 

It doesn't matter to us where you purchased your gown!  Internet dresses are inexpensive, but usually will need the most work.  Keep in mind that your dress is ordered and mass produced overseas and sent to you based on some of your measurements. They are rarely, if ever, a perfect fit. We provide the finishing touches you need to make it yours. Higher quality gowns are more expensive but often do not require as much in alterations.  

Price for alterations vary, depending dress design, style, and intricacy. 

An estimate will be presented to you on your first fitting. 

Appointments can be booked in advance which is recommended during peak the wedding season. 

We offer quality workmanship at a fair price. On the show Say Yes to the Dress ( Kleinfeld's) alterations start at $900 and average alterations in our area are usually $500-800. 



Includes all fittings, alterations & bustling of your gown. 


(most gowns are in this category)


Includes all fittings, alterations & bustling of your gown.



Includes all fittings, alterations & bustling of your gown. 

In cases where a gown needs 'above and beyond' the typical amount of time and labor, the price will be discussed to determine any extra charges that may be required for that dress.

Customizing is available and will be quoted for you at the first appointment. 

Additional charges may be incurred for weight loss/gain after the initial fitting and additional requests after the initial estimate is given. 

All dresses require a final fitting to make sure it's perfect for your day! 

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